Dr. Barbara Dohrn

Consultant Anesthesiologist

Certification from the German Board of Anesthesiology (Facharzt)

15+ years of professional experience in an anesthesiologist role

Expert anesthesiologist for various types of surgeries and procedures

Full range of anesthesia for children and adults

– General anesthesia (Face mask, Laryngeal mask, Intubation, Inhalation induction for small children)

– Regional and local anesthesia (Spinal anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, Bier’s block etc.)

– Sedation (conscious sedation, deep sedation)
Evaluating all patients before surgery to formulate an adequate anesthetic plan
Expertise in delivering safe and appropriate pre-operative medications for patients who will undergo surgery
Excellence in providing patients with safe and accurately computed anesthesia during operations
Expertise in prescribing effective pain medications for post-operative pain
Expertise in recognition and treatment of any emergency before, during or after procedure
Updated with the newest trends and innovations in anesthesiology and postoperative pain treatment